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Einhorn CPA is a “personal” accounting firm dedicated to providing small businesses with tax preparation, bookkeeping and outsourced accounting services. Our mission is simple: Help you get sound accounting and financial advice that protects your business assets, secures your future and earns your trust.

We’re dedicated to all your accounting needs; dedication that shows in personal attention to your concerns, your business requirements and every detail of your accounting needs.

We look beyond immediate accounting and tax preparation to provide outsourced accounting and financial consulting to help your business become stronger and more profitable.


Do What You Do Best

Owning a business is rarely all “fun and games,” but sometimes the day to day responsibilities and tasks take more time and effort than they should.

When you dreamed of owning your own business, did it involve debits and credits, payroll and tax reports, worker’s compensation, letters from the Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board? Did you stop to think of the need for timely filing of corporate or business tax returns and estimated tax payments? Did you plan to fall behind on your IRS liabilities only to incur related interest charges and penalties?

Of course not!

Accounting and tax work can take the fun out of owning a business. These time-consuming activities can distract owners from the single most important reason for being in business: making money, building wealth and having more time to enjoy life as our True Tales illustrate.

We’re Watching Out for Your Business

Someone has to keep an eye on the numbers. As your CPA, we are the smart and cost-effective way to get top-quality accounting and tax work done without adding employees to the payroll.

Our firm knows what business is all about-from the beginning to end. We help you achieve your business and personal financial goals, so you can do the things you love, and actually enjoy owning a business.

Choose Einhorn CPA and experience the “sound of business running smooth.”