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Your tax return is more than a refund, it is a critical financial document that can have far reaching implications for your entire financial future including your retirement and investments.

Today as the economy continues to struggle and as the IRS and state of California are aggressively looking for more revenue from you, you need more than a numbers checker, you need a trained and certified advisor.

Einhorn CPA offers you sound financial advice that protects your income and earnings. We are tireless in the search for every deduction that is due to you so you never end up paying more than your real tax obligation.

For new clients we review one to two years past returns to make sure that your prior year’s tax records are in order. We check your withholding allowances to help you avoid errors. Each year, we correct tax returns that have were incorrectly prepared, and worse – prepared without the required and necessary “due diligence.”

We won’t let that happen to you. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality work and accurate documentation that is complete, timely, accurate, and meticulous.

Our style is open, communicative and accessible. Many of our tax clients use us year round to bounce questions or to calculate their tax liability for the coming year.

And rest assured – our fees are extremely reasonable for the personalized service you receive.

At Einhorn CPA we approach each engagement with personal attention, focus and a sense of accomplishment. Give us a try and experience the sound of your livelihood running smooth.