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Tax Preparation

Effective tax preparation is more than filling out forms, dotting “i’s” and crossing t’s, it is knowing how to look at your complete financial picture including cash flow, income and balance sheet to find the best tax position for you and your business assets.

At Einhorn CPA, tax preparation includes:


If you’re not a bookkeeper, why bother with the day to day demands of bookkeeping?

Let Einhorn CPA take care of all your bookkeeping needs. We work from the ground up to create a bookkeeping system that fits your business personality and your wallet.

We offer full charge bookkeeping services including accounts receivable and payable processing, required journal entries, monthly reconciliations and QuickBooks setup and processing.

With Einhorn CPA your bookkeeping is handled seamlessly and effectively so you can forget the detail and focus on your business.

When you combine bookkeeping with our tax preparation services, we can manage your books for maximum tax advantage.

It’s all part of our promise to let you experience “the sound of business running smooth.”

Outsourced Accounting

Do you need all the services of an accounting firm without the employee overhead and personnel challenges?

Einhorn CPA is the answer. We help our clients grow their business by providing them with a full service accounting department at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time!

Our outsourced accounting services include:

Outsourced accounting service that fits your business and your wallet is just another way we give you “the sound of business running smooth.”

Financial Consulting

Your business is focused on the future, don’t work with a CPA firm that is stuck in the past. If all your accountant or CPA is doing is your taxes, they are looking backward and most likely missing key financial opportunities.

Einhorn CPA is a forward-looking and acting CPA firm that will help you identify the opportunities and challenges that impact your business growth including: